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About Nancy B. Finn: Renowned Digital Health Journalist

Take control of your health journey and embrace the power of digital technology with Nancy B. Finn, a digital health journalist. She provides expert insights and guidance to help you confidently navigate the world of e-patient hood and digital healthcare. With a passion for empowering e-patients, Nancy’s mission is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to live a longer, healthier life by integrating digital solutions.

Optimized Health Through Digital Tools

Nancy B. Finn is a highly esteemed journalist and expert in digital communication technology and its impact on healthcare. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she wrote the influential book “e-Patients Live Longer,” which empowers individuals to optimize their health using simple digital tools and enhance their interactions with healthcare providers, resulting in improved outcomes.

More Than a Digital Health Journalist

Having retired from her executive-level marketing communications role in 2000, Nancy dedicated her time to studying the impact of digital technology on communication. She focused her research on the healthcare industry, where digital health records and patient portals were being implemented then.

Groundbreaking Author of Many Books

Nancy B. Finn

For over 40 years, Nancy has been a dedicated scholar and writer in digital technology in healthcare. Her groundbreaking book, “Digital Communication in Medical Practice” (published in 2009), was one of the first publications to highlight the value of digital health records, patient portals, email, and telemedicine in healthcare.

Prominent Speaker in the Industry

Nancy’s expertise extends beyond her written work. She maintains the “HealthCare Basics” blog and regularly contributes to the Journal of Participatory Medicine and other notable healthcare journals. As a renowned speaker, she has presented at numerous national and international forums, sharing her insights on e-patients, digital communication technology, and health outcomes.

Notably, she has delivered speeches for esteemed organizations such as the Global Alliance for Women’s Health and the Global Alliance for Health Promotion, affiliated with influential global bodies like the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the World Health Organization.

Committed to Providing Better Healthcare

Nancy’s commitment to healthcare extends beyond her academic pursuits. Apart from being a digital health journalist, she serves on the Board of Overseers and is a patient advocate on the Quality Board at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA. She has also contributed her expertise to organizations such as the Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) and the Mass Technology Leadership Council, where she actively participates in the MHQP Consumer Health Council and the Healthcare Advisory Board, respectively. Nancy holds a BS in journalism and a master’s degree from Boston University, solidifying her educational foundation.

Digital Communication Technology and Healthcare Leader

With her wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication, Nancy B. Finn has established herself as a leading authority in digital communication technology and healthcare.