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E-Patients Live Longer:
The Complete Guide for Managing Healthcare Using Technology

With data, statistics, facts, case studies and discussion, this book guides the patient through the complex process of how to prepare for a doctor’s visit; why email, smartphones, electronic health records and patient portals are critical tools for improving communication among patients and clinicians; how patients must understand and manage their health care costs; how telemedicine, personalized medicine, and robotics will offer alternatives for healthcare delivery in the future. E-Patients Live Longer recommends best practices for using digital technology and e-tools to help empower patients and offers common-sense advice about managing chronic conditions. It also includes practical tips and suggestions on how to proactively create a personal health record, how to find the right smartphone apps and social networks, how to ensure patient safety as an in-patient and an out-patient, and how to protect the privacy of health information.


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Blue Ink Review commented: “Finn’s guide is chockfull of statistics, surveys and anecdotal stories. A list of key points and document sources close each chapter.

The Foreward Clarion Review commended this author for the complete, comprehensive information in e-Patients Live Longer.
“The book’s eleven chapters cover everything from understanding how preparing for a doctor’s visit has changed over the years and what your legal rights are as self-advocating patients. The concepts in each chapter are introduced and reinforced with real-life stories that are appropriately suited to each topic. These illustrative stories make the concepts memorable and empowering.”

Kirkus Indie Review June 2014 stated: “The 2014 update to the original 2011 edition of this book reflects changes to the Affordable Care Act and underscores the breakneck pace of change in both healthcare and technology. Finn presents an enormous amount of complex material in short, orderly chapters with plenty of subheadings, bulleted lists, bold type and real-life examples and documented sources. A comprehensive accurate and useful healthcare guide chock full of statistics, surveys, and anecdotal stories.”

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